【11月優惠】Shure GLXD14R Advanced Digital Wireless Guitar System (2.4 GHz)


Key Features
  • For Guitar & Bass Players
  • WA302 Instrument Cable
  • Lightweight Bodypack Transmitter
  • True Diversity Rackmount Receiver
  • Two Removable Antennas
  • 16-Hour SB902 Rechargeable Battery
  • Expandable to 11 Mic Channels/200′ Range

The Shure GLXD14R is a GLX-D Advanced Series digital wireless guitar system that features a rugged metal receiver housed in a half-rack chassis with two removable antennas. It is well suited for rackmounting in portable flight cases or for permanent installations in small to medium-sized venues including concert stages, houses-of-worship, theaters, and clubs. The system also comes with a bodypack transmitter and a WA302 1/4″ to TA4F instrument cable.

GLX-D Advanced systems allow you to run up to 8 mics simultaneously in the same space. When used with the optional UA846Z2 frequency manager (available separately), up to 11 mics can operate simultaneously with improved RF reliability compared to standard GLX-D systems—ideal for installations with multiple wireless systems.

The GLXD14R combines digital audio clarity with reliable wireless, automatic frequency management, and intelligent battery rechargeability in a system that’s convenient to rackmount, simple to operate, and ready to go at the push of a button.

The transmitter provides up to 16 hours of operation on an SB902 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, with a transmission range up to 200′.