Samson MixPad MXP 124 mixer


Samson MixPad MXP 124 mixer 00851

Samson’s MixPad series combines roadworthy durability and uncompromising sonic quality with high quality, precision 60 mm faders for professional control.

Packed to the max with more features and functions than you can shake a drumstick at, the Samson MixPad MXP 124 represents a whole new value in compact mixers.

At the heart of the 12-channel MixPad is Samson’s MDR (Maximum Dynamic Range) Mic Preamps, which provide wide frequency range, definitive channel separation and natural response. And its Its four MDR mic preamp channels feature a 3-band EQ, Gain trim, high pass filter and pre-fader Aux send. But the story doesn’t end there…

Samson’s MixPad series comes complete with high-quality, precision 60mm faders — not typically found on small format mixers — for professional control. Selectable 48v phantom power means whether pod-casting, gigging or recording, you’re free to mix in the warm, natural response of your favorite condenser microphones. Two mic channels offer single-knob compression to easily tame dynamic ranges during performances and recordings, while the bidirectional USB connectivity equates to pain free PC/Mac interfacing and recording to your DAW.

Make no mistake: the Samson MixPad’s MXP combines uncompromising sonic quality with roadworthy durability and is jam-packed with features that ensure optimal control over your performance, wherever that may be!


  • Precision Faders on a compact mixer
  • four low noise high headroom MDR (Maximum Dynamic Range) mic premaps
  • Stacked Stereo Channels for increased versatility and portability
  • Studio quality dynamic control with single knob compressors
  • Gain knob, high pass filter switch, 3 band EQ on mono channels
  • RCA tape in/tape out for integrating samplers,files,drum machines or recording
  • Multiple outputs (Main, Mix 2, headphones tape)
  • Pre Fader Aux send control for monitor mix
  • Great for begginers or advanced engineers needing a portable mixing solution
  • 48-Volt Phantom Power
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