TOA ER-1206W 大聲公【Splash-proof Hand Grip Type with Whistle】

商品編號 00695

The ER-1206S is a compact splash-proof megaphone rated at 6 W output featuring a buit-in WHISTLE. IPX5 water-jet-resistant design.
It operates with 6 R6P batteries, or 4 R6P batteries when the battery spacer (accessory) is used.
Handle aand microphone has anti-bacteria treatment that improves hygiene and safety during use.

Power Source R6P (AA) X 6 (9 V DC) or R6P (AA) x 4 (6 V DC)
Rated Output 6 W
Maximum Output 10 W
Battery Life When using 6 R6P batteries: Approx. 8 hours.Whistle: aproxx. 20 minutes When using 4 R6P batteries: Approx. 5 hours. Whistle: approx. 10 minutes
Audible Range Approx. 250 m. Sire: Approx.315 m
Signal Sound Whistle
Frequency Response 450 – 6,000 Hz (SPL -20dB0
Magnectic Circuit Neodymium magnet, inner magnet type
Diaphragm Polyimide film (voice coil, bobbin)
Anti-bacteria Treatment Mouth piece and Handle
Water Protection IPX5
Operatin Temperature -10°C to +40°C
Finish Horn: ASA resin, clear dark grey. Other: ASA resin, dark grey. Strap: Nylon, black
Dimensions 154 (W) X 266 (H) X 250 (D) mm
Weight 660g (without batteries)
Accessory Batery spacer….1
Option Wall mounting bracket for megaphone : SP-1100