Takstar CS-100 USB speaker phone

商品編號 01884

• 硬件支持高達22KHz的CD品質音樂或演示音頻,享受高保真語音音質

• 立體聲麥克風拾音,通話時可以盡情地享受在工作空間內四處走動的自由

• 支持PC和手機接入,無論是打電話或者開視頻會議,都可以直接接入

• 設計有PC自動充電功能,無需充電器、無需外接線,無需設置,從接收器拉線出來,即插即用

• 具有串聯擴展功能,在較大的會議室,可串聯兩台或者多台會議麥,整個會場的人發言,都能讓遠端聽到。

  • Built-in anti-RF signal and double condenser microphones clean the backgroud noise and ensure the high quility communication. Also the stereo microphone pickup let you enjoy the freedom to walk around working space.
  • No charger, no external cord, no more setup, what you need to do is pulling out the internal retractable cable on the bottom as well as plugging the cable into computers or phone devices, then pressing the power button.It will work and charge Simultaneously.
  • The anti-slip rubber on the bottom increases frictional resistance that keeps it stable on the desk and reduces abrasion.
  • As long as your device comes with 3.5mm output port, whether it is ios or android system even HIFI player, you can plug and play. Especially for video conferencing, tele-conference calls, live and music.
  • Built-in omnidirectional microphone, 360-degree coverage, is able to achieve handsfree collaboration and allow attendees to hear or be heard from the whole meeting room.